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Ana Patricia Fargo Shares Her Story of Survival

April is #ChildAbusePreventionMonth - a month dedicated to having hard conversations about child abuse, warning signs, prevention, and ways to heal. It's estimated that 60% of child sexual abuse survivors never tell anyone, which makes it harder to heal and receive the necessary support they deserve. But healing can start at any age, as artist Ana Patricia Fargo has learned. Ana created two pieces that she is displaying throughout April to spread awareness and education around child sexual abuse. Read her story and view those pieces below.

"I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. As a graphic designer and ceramic artist, this is a piece that reflects my personal journey. The journey to happiness begins with self-awareness. As an artist, I express myself through art and my personal journey led me face to face with the trauma from my childhood. I confronted my trauma and found my voice, but there are still many struggling in fear and silence. This piece (although not an original piece) is a self-expression, and it is extremely personal. I felt the desire to share it with the world in hope that it may help someone else find their voice and courage. I want to make sure no child ever feels alone and scared like I did. I am honored to be able to share this piece with so many. It took me a long time to talk about it - now, my mission is to fight against it." - Ana Patricia Fargo, Instagram: @afpotterydesign Email:

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